About Me

I wanted to help people.


I started my real estate career in January of 1982 after working in construction of sixty five commercial

buildings and houses. Qualifications were met for broker license January of 1985. A few days later  a woman called

about 8 acres of land in the country. She had a difficult situation. She had tried to sell the property for a 

long time, but couldn’t. It had no water. Then she said the words I wanted to hear, “I need your help!”


I made the long drive in the country and listed the property. I knew it was going to be difficult to sell

land with no water. As I drove back to town I wondered, “What have I done?”  After the long drive my

pickup was almost empty. I pulled into a station. As I was pumping gas, suddenly an El Camino swung

into the middle of the parking lot and parked away from the pumps! The door opened and a big man wearing

a straw hat stepped out and walked directly up to me. He said, “My boss wants to buy 5 to 10 acres of land

in the country. Do you know anyone who has some for sale?”


After regaining consciousness, I showed them the property. I wrote the contract for the full price.

We closed in a couple of weeks. I  wanted to help people.  I found that help comes from above.


I hope that all goes good for you.