About Me

I wanted to help people.


I started my real estate career in January of 1982 after working in Christian education and construction of

sixty five commercial buildings. Qualifications were met for my broker license January of 1985. A few days

later someone called me about 8 acres in the country she had tried to sell for many years, but could not. It

had no water on it. Then she said the words I wanted to hear, “I need your help!”


I made the long drive in the country and listed the property. I knew it was going to be difficult to sell

land with no water. As I drove back to town I wondered, “What have I done?”  After the long drive my

pickup was almost empty. I pulled into a station. As I was pumping gas, suddenly an El Camino swung

into the middle of the parking lot and parked away from the pumps! The door opened and a big man wearing

a straw hat stepped out and walked directly up to me. He said, “My boss wants to buy 5 to 10 acres of land

in the country. Do you know anyone who has some for sale?”


After regaining consciousness, I showed them the property. I wrote the contract for the full price.

We closed in a couple of weeks. I  wanted to help people.  I found real help comes from above.


I hope good for you too.